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My Fitness E-book is a practical and effective way to workout in your own home with the guidance of a Personal Trainer.

Can be purchased ANYWHERE in the World!

This 52-page eBook is a digital download jam-packed with workouts that can be integrated into your personal schedule in a flexible and maintainable way. With incredible HIIT workouts, booty burners, ab blasters and strength training, you’re going to work up a serious sweat followed by those happy post workout endorphins.

My tone and Home e-book is focused on having easy access to effective workouts you can do anywhere, anytime for all different ages and levels. I explain how you can modify and change exercises/workouts to suit your capabilities which teaches you how to structure, plan and conduct your own workouts for the future. With beginner , intermediate and advanced workouts this book will become your new go to.


  • An explanation of how to effectively use my e-book to ensure you can get as much benefit from it as possible

  • An explanation of the importance of Warm-ups and Cool downs including exercises

  • Example workout plans

  • Diagram of the muscles and body parts

  • My go to Stretches

  • 15 Beginner home workouts

  • 15 Intermediate home workouts

  • 15 Advanced home workouts

  • A 3 step picture demonstration of almost every exercise

  • An Index section describing the meaning of fitness terminology I use throughout the book.

* Make sure to read our terms and conditions page about how once purchased Fohxibody & partners are not liable for misuse or misconduct in injuries from using our e-book *

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