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"I've never been apart of a more encouraging, uplifting, motivating community like fohxi body."

"The level of education and support from Han is outstanding, I have never felt alone or misguided in my fitness journey since starting."

"I finally have a consistent gym routine that I love and that fits in to my busy schedule"

"Starting Fohxi Body has showed me how important it is to invest in my health and for that I couldn't be more grateful. I've never been happier, healthier and more confident in my life"

Tone At Home E-BOOK

My Fitness E-book is a practical and effective way to workout in your own home with the guidance of a Personal Trainer.

Our E-BOOK Can be purchased ANYWHERE in the World!

Consists of 52 pages of fantastic fitness tips and information.

Make Your Mark today!

Tone At Home E-Book
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Our mission is to empower individuals through fitness and health to become their healthiest, happiest versions of themselves and to create real long lasting results through creating healthy, sustainable habits and programs.

Fohxi Body started in 2019 in the garage of Hannahs home in Newcastle Australia. 4 years later it is now a world wide online training community where Hannah has trainer over thousands of women and men across the globe.

With this just being the beginning for the team here at Fohxi body, we hope to continue to inspire and change the lives of people struggling in their fitness journey for the better.

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