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Maitland / Newcastle NSW Australia 

Absolutely ! I have my online training zoom sessions as well as my customised programs and challenges. Head to my online training pages for more information.

We do a nutrition lifestyle plan , we want to help you build a lifestyle and help you create a healthy sustainable relationship with food. We help you understand what YOUR body needs and how to fuel your body appropriately to achieve all your life desires. We don’t offer a ‘fixed plan’ where we tell you to eat this amount of food for a certain amount of weeks, instead we educate, motivate, guide and mentor you on the relationship you create with your food. For more information, head to our nutrition page.

10 years +

All prices can be found on each individual page on our website. Any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.

Head to our “Meet the team” page and read about our coaches and trainers here at Fohxi Body and what they do!

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