About us

Our goal is to inspire and create a happier and healthier lifestyle for both women and men. We focus on educating the real facts about fitness and nutrition and we help guide and create a sustainable healthy lifestyle.

We strive on building a community that will support, motivate, help and inspire one another to become the best versions of themselves.

Our goal is to make a positive impact on as many people as possible, we want to be everyone’s number one supporter throughout their fitness journey. We want to see women and men build confidence from the inside out, help create not just a healthy body but a healthy mind.

Our goal is to take Fohxi Body world wide, with your support and help, we can hopefully help millions of people around the world just like you.

Our Founder

Hannah Elphick first started ‘Fohxi Body’ with the sole purpose of giving women and men the opportunity to feel empowered and to build confidence within themselves.

Hannah is a freelance model that loves promoting self love and being body positive. She is very passionate about helping as many people as possible achieve their dreams.

Hannah has a clear vision of where she wants to take Fohxi Body and is determined to make a real positive impact on as many people as she can.