My Story

My name is Hannah Elphick, I live in the beautiful city of Newcastle Australia. I’m 22 years of age and I had the idea of creating Fohxi Body when I was in my last year of school.

I’ve always been in to sports, nutrition and fitness since a young age. I competed in dancing from ages 10-16 I really fell in love with the fitness aspect. I loved how strong I became once I was fueling my body with the right foods and was more educated about health and fitness.

I did a lot of dancing in my teen years, i was fortunate enough to travel Australia and the world with my dancing. Competing at ‘Worlds” in Orlando and dancing at Disneyland and Las Vegas. I was super fortunate of all the opportunities dancing gave me.

Playing many sports from a young age, Fitness was a critical part of my life and from there my passion for fitness and health just grew stronger. I remember going to the gym with my dad when I was about 16. He would show me around the gym and teach me different exercises and the names and purpose of all the muscles. Every chance I got I would go with him to the gym until I was confident enough to go by myself.


I’ve always been a person that loves to help others and it wasn’t until late year 11 I saw how many girls and boys around me struggled with their self-esteem, body issues and mental health and it broke my heart (this was me included). It was when i was in year 12 that i decided what i wanted to do and since then I have been growing my business.

I’ve always had very high expectations of myself, I’ve always pictured myself doing something important, something I’m really passionate about. I never wanted the ordinary 9-5 job (not that there is anything wrong with that) it just wasn’t for me. So while i spent years in retail jobs earning and saving money, I always had my dream in plain sight.

To look back on a girl that had an idea to purely help people build confidence and find happiness within themselves and to now being able to have that opportunity to make that happen is a dream come true.

I know I have the passion, knowledge and determination to make a real difference in the fitness industry.