Nutrition Strategy Session

Let's EAT! You’re here because you’re looking to harness the power of nutrition and take your health to the next level.

This is for you if:

 You are wanting to further your nutrition knowledge to gain optimal results in your fitness journey
 You want to understand the ins and outs of your body and what your body needs
 You want to better understand how macronutrients work and what they are
 You want to discuss specific goals that are weight related
You want to learn how to create a sustainable, delicious meal plan
 You want to learn your specific calorie intake and how to alter them for your goals
 You want professional advice, support and accountability
✓ You're wanting a flexible meal plan that supports your goals

This is NOT for you if:

You think this is a one-stop-shop to lose 10 kg in a short period of time

 If you have any present food related mental health disorders

 You’re unable to take responsibility for your results

You will also receive a Post-Session Email Breakdown of what we discussed during our call!


• If you are unable to make your selected session, 48 hours notice is required for you to be put on a waitlist for my next intake

Fohxi Body does NOT offer refunds on coaching call services.