Makayla Peters Journey

I first started seeing Hannah when her business started with her summer boot camps. I went along to support a small local business and to socialise. I messaged Hannah to start personal training sessions a few months later because I thought I best do something instead of being lazy. My main goals were to move my body without having to think about it and to help my posture. 


6 months in and my pt sessions are the highlight of my week. I have started training every day with the guidance and advice from Hannah along the way, I have gained so much knowledge, strength and feeling more confident within my self.

Whilst personal training sessions are often a hard training session, Hannah always checks in on mental health and if the hour is needed for a chat, that’s exactly what happens! Hannah always says mental health is just as if not more important than physical health.

I have not only gained a love for training and fuelling my body with all the goodness (I never thought I’d see the day I would say that) 

I have gained a best friend that always supports me no matter what! 


  • Makayla Peters