Genevieve Blair's Journey

My fitness journey started when I was 10. I was clinically obese with insulin resistance alongside a very dark mental space. I had always been quite a chubby kid however that escalated when I reached puberty. For several years I was between doctors talking about my health and I absolutely hated myself.My relationship with food was also quite bad as I was binge eating on the daily. After experiencing that vicious self loathing cycle and heartache I decided I wanted to seriously change my lifestyle.


I came to Hannah at the start of 2021 and instantly my perspective changed. Not only did I have a personal trainer, I had a mentor and most importantly a friend. From the start Hannah was so welcoming and kind, always having faith in me and supporting me in my goals. Since seeing Hannah I have gone down 3 dress sizes and gained confidence in myself. I have not only seen results but in my body I feel comfortable, confident and most importantly happy. Hannah also helped build my confidence in the gym when it comes to lifting with proper form and increasing strength. Hannah is the most amazing trainer, she always has faith and knows my strength even when I don’t. If you want to change your life for the better, training with Fohxi Body is the best decision you will ever make.


-Genevieve Blair