Meet the team

Hannah - Trainer and CEO 
Hannah is a certified personal trainer and CEO of Fohxi Body and her active wear label Fohx The Label.  Hannah first started Fohxi Body with the dream to inspire women and men to create healthier lifestyle habits. Hannah started a fitness page in 2018 (she was 18) in the hope it would inspire and motivate others to become the best versions of themselves through fitness and health. 
Hannah is 22 years old entrepreneur (born 20/08/1999) and lives in NSW Australia.
She grew up playing all sorts of sports and thrived in anything that was a physical challenge. Her love for fitness and health steamed from the sports she played as a teenager, realising the importance of creating a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle she has helped women and men from all over the world become confident within who they are and created a balance between the mind and body.
Hannah focuses on her mental health just as much as her physical health and loves to grow, learn and challenge herself. 
Her goal is to empower people become their most happiest, healthiest and confident versions of themselves through fitness and health.